Friday, November 6, 2009


Okay, if your anything like me, when you get on overload, you zone out (at least that's my excuse
and I'm sticking to it)!  Those are the times when I  loose myself, creating something so I don't have to think.


Don't think hubby quite gets it all!  Yesterday was one of those days to say the least. So like the fool I am, I stayed up way past my bedtime (ashamedly). This is the result.  Seem to be in a Paris funk lately.  Blame it on the girls on the Vintage Altered thread on etsy, (you know who you are).  Some of the graphics for the right hand card came from The Graphics Fairy
The other collage on the left, was created from  photo's  I found on Steff's blog, thanks to some of the terrific blogs I follow .   So why not GO grab yourself a cup of java,  play and just have some fun for a while.
Both these blogs have brag days, so you can show off all you fine pretties!
Make it a PLAYDAY!

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  1. Yep, understand exactly where you are coming from, this is all great inspiration! I have to go check out your links and the brag days. Time, unfortunately, limits me from participating in so many of these wonderful opportunities but I always love to look! Your pieces on pink Paris theme are spectacular!