Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cute Cuddlies (link to critter care)

If your anything like me I am sure you love critters.  All these sweeties are pictures of  the animals from Critter Care, an organization which helps orphaned and injured animals. Their just so sweet!  I had the oppurtunity to go into the pen where the ophaned deer were kept until they were strong enough to be released. I learned their, that deer become tame very quickly, so they try to handle them as least as possible.  Hope you enjoy the pictures of these wonderful creatures.


  1. cute! those Fawns are adorable!

  2. There's just something about baby animal, that we love. These two were quite curious, and they would come and touch my cheek with their noses, while I was trying to get some pictures. It was a wonderful memory that I will not forget.

  3. Fab photos, they look so adorable. We're lucky enough to walk our dog in woods and see the deer occasionally. But in the UK we don't have any bobcats unfortunately!