Sunday, October 25, 2009


             Tonight I am a bit later to give my  critters their last hay.

Out side, immediately I am struck with awe at all the stars that can be seen, looking upward.  The air has a little chill to it, but such a clear and crisp evening is refreshing.


                             Just a hint of mist, but you can clearly see the big and little dipper.

 I am wary going out, now that the nights are longer and it darkens quicker. The moon is only showing a quarter of it's normal size.

 My mind plays tricks, and I worry,  just in case I stumble on momma bear and her cubs.

My trusted companion is near at hand, and notifies me of anything that may be a miss.

 In the distance I can hear the slight sound of the rumblings of a train
on the tracks

Taking away a little from the ambiance, is some loud noises off towards the eastern way. I guess  someone is being entertained with
early fire works.
Back inside the  house warmth is appreciated.  My thoughts go to pouring a rich glass of  wine, but instead, content with a cup of tea.  Will save the wine to share with friends at a later date.

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