Friday, October 9, 2009

New Painting

Well I feel so embarrassed I haven't posted for quite a while,
life just seems to get in the way lately.

I thought I would share one of the canvas's I have just finished.
It was created from a a picture of my favorite things, found on my coffe table,and adding some fresh flower nearing the end of summer. Here is a picture of the painting and another of the photo where the inspiration came from.
First I added textured to the background. When it was dry, I painted Raw Umber over the texture paste to create a dark background, a little different from my usual style. On the right side I slip slapped a few colors from the palette and softened the colors out. Between each layer of colors I used glazing medium.
Usually red fades, but by using Traditions acrylic's and glazing in between the layer's it became quite vibrant!
The last step was to add a stencil. I placed it on the right side, where I had left space and used Tracy Moreau's stencil, adding texture paste over the stencil to raise the design, giving a little more dimention to the painting.

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