Wednesday, October 21, 2009

.....things I've seen lately..........

First let me explain where I live.  We live near the river, where it is very flat, and not a many trees. We have a few on the banks of the river, and ocassionaly eagles will be spotted there. 

A lot of fields are farmed in this area, and when they cut hay, your attention often times will be caught by the huge wing span when looking upward.  Usually a bald headed eagle, looking for mice from the newly cut field, and sometimes hawks.

Recently I happened to be looking out the window, and  three black objects, caught my attention. They  were moving across an open field in the distance.   At first I thought it was dogs, but upon closer observation, I noticed that they didn't seem to walk like a  dog.  I found to my suprise it was a momma black bear with two baby cubs in toe.  Very cautiously she moved watching for any pretators.  Her main aim, to get her babies safley across the wide open, down to the river where the salmon are a plenty due to spawning right now. Definatley not a site seen every day.   If I hadn't been so enthralled looking throught the bicnoculars I would have snapped some pictures.  Hind site.  I am so happy to have the privledge of seeing these wonderful creatures, and be in  a perfect place where they can survive in peace,  not having to struggle to leave their homes, and where their seems to be plenty to eat.

 Last week it was raining pretty hard, so out the window in the field behind our house were the herrings, maybe 5 or 6.  I really want to get a snap shot, but the day was dark, and they often come to the fields when it is raining.

The winter birds have arrived, when driving out our Hillybilly road, so I call it, because of all the bumps and lumps in it, I seen some junco's swooping across.  Such an non evasive bird, but nice to see  them dropping by for winter.

.  I love this picture, wonderful work.   You can view more of Steve Gosser's photo's here at his site

I really enjoy painting birds, especially the chickadee's.  I love their spring cheet cha cheet song, a little quieter now, that it is not mating season, but you still see and hear them flitting about.  Some other wonderful pictures like this
chickadee dee picture are found here  

Although we have no cable or hi speed interenet, which can be a pain, I love the bits of nature we encounter. 
I hope you have enjoyed my notes for now on this journey, through life. 
I would love you, to share your comments or thoughts.


  1. Wow, I'm happy when I see a raven or a skunk around these parts (Los Angeles, but we're lucky enough to be in the hills)! How wonderful that you get all that wildlife near you!

  2. thanks for the comment. Yes that is the plus side of living here, but the down side is that the river is very close.